Our Leaders, Our Motivation

As one of India’s leading transformer manufacturing company and one that is held in high esteem, a great deal of relevance is attached to living up to the image as a value based organization. The company is managed by skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic technocrats with an experience of more than four decades in the field of designing and operations of transformers.

Over the years, company has successfully carved a niche for itself in the industry, thanks to the far-seeing vision of the management. They ensure healthy environment for the professional and personal growth of employees, inculcating a spirit of integrity both vertically and horizontally.

Mr. Krupesh N Patel


A born engineer having Electrical & Mechanical Degree with 4 decades of experience in Business and has attained acumen in translating opportunity into reality with successfully managing Finance though being Non Finance background.

Mr. Tanmay S Patel


A brilliant Engineer having Electrical & Mechanical Degree with 20 years of on hand experience of running business from Grass Root level. He has in depth knowledge of Electrical Steel – a main feed stock item of Transformer industry.

Mr. Niral K Patel


A dynamic Engineer having engineering background in Electrical and Computer Science. Always business needs strong pursuit of Finance and so have MBA in Finance and has turned around company in 5 years to reach Rs. 500 Crores sales and has placed all cards in place to reach magic figure of Rs. 1000 Crores by 2020.

Mr. A.K.Mathur

Business - Head

A legendary Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer with MBA – Operations converted self into transformer industry wizard having more than 3 decades of experience in all areas of industry. A cool, practical and visionary decision maker strides to achieve toughest task.

Mr. Anand Sharma


A self-motivated, passionate business manager with over 24 years of experience in transformer & related industries. System oriented approach to problem-solving, open-mindedness, and persistent persuasion sees things taken to logical conclusions.